Take a Closer Look at the 2020 Toyota Corolla!

2020 Toyota Corolla Specs, Features, and More Video

The Toyota Corolla has been one of the best-selling vehicles in the world – and with good reason! This compact car offers a stellar fuel economy that has continuously been improved over the years. And as new technology has entered the market, Toyota has kept up to ensure that drivers have fun while behind the wheel. And the 2020 edition is the best Corolla yet! Take a look for yourself by watching the video below! Read the rest of this entry >>

Map in the Entune infotainment system

How Do I Use Dynamic Navigation in My Toyota?

How to Use Dynamic Navigation in the Toyota Multimedia System Video

One of the best things about today’s vehicles is that many of them come complete with built-in navigation. That means you won’t have to struggle with reading a bulky paper map ever again – or bicker with your shotgun rider about which way is correct! Now, Toyota is taking built-in navigation to the next level by making it dynamic! Find out how it works by watching the video below! Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver 2020 Toyota Camry

How Does the Pricing of the Toyota Camry Compare to its Rivals?

2020 Toyota Camry Pricing vs the Competition

If you are looking for an economical vehicle, then we have just what you need here at Allan Nott Toyota! Say hello to the 2020 Toyota Camry! While it is very sporty and stylish, the 2020 Toyota Camry is very efficient and can cover many miles before needing a refill! And it is quite affordable! But how does the pricing of the 2020 Toyota Camry compare to other midsized sedans on the market? Keep reading to find out! Read the rest of this entry >>

Red 2019 Toyota RAV4

What Kind of Oil Do I Need for My 2019 Toyota RAV4?

2019 Toyota RAV4 Oil Weight Recommendation

The Toyota RAV4 is lauded as one of the most user-friendly and dependable vehicles on the market. Many of our friends and family have praised how much they love their RAV4, and they have said that they would by another RAV4 in a heartbeat if they needed another vehicle. While Toyota makes every effort to use the highest quality material and parts for their RAV4 models, you can keep your vehicle as dependable as possible by maintaining it regularly. And one of the most basic ways to maintain your Toyota RAV4 is by topping off the oil and changing it at the recommended intervals. If you are wondering what kind of oil you need for the 2019 edition of the Toyota RAV4, we’ve got you covered! Read the rest of this entry >>

Sepia-toned image of a couple in a car

How Do I Use Amazon Alexa in My Toyota?

How to Connect Amazon Alexa to Toyota Remote Connect Video

“Alexa, tell me how to get to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium”. Here at Allan Nott Toyota, we absolutely LOVE the latest technology! And one of our favorite technologies to have in our Toyota vehicle is Amazon Alexa. With Amazon Alexa, you can do more with voice command than ever before! Watch the video below to find out how to connect Amazon Alexa with your Toyota! Read the rest of this entry >>

Father setting up the entertainment system in the Toyota Sienna

What are Some Good Movies Based on Books for My Kids to Watch on the Rear Seat Entertainment System in My Toyota?

Best Movies Based on Books for Kids to Watch While Road Tripping in a Toyota

One reason why many drivers love Toyota vehicles is that many of the models come available with a built-in entertainment system so the kids won’t be bored during long road trips. If you and your family are hitting out on the road in your Toyota in the near future – and you want to expand the kids’ horizons and get them to watch something other than Frozen – then we have some great movies based on books for you to bring along! Read the rest of this entry >>

Want a Crossover That Stands Out? Choose a Model from the Toyota Lineup!

What Makes a Toyota Crossover Stand Out in a Crowded Parking Lot?

This morning, we were reading an article on Jalopnik where the writer was lamenting how the once-rugged looking Nissan Pathfinder now looks so bland and boring – and praised that the Toyota 4Runner still rocks its rugged aesthetic! We were pretty thrilled to read that compliment, and it made us realize that many of the crossover SUVs that are on the road today all look the same…except for the Toyota models. Read the rest of this entry >>

Line of 2019 Toyota RAV4 models

Check Out This Commercial Featuring the 2019 Toyota RAV4!

Bring the Heat 2019 Toyota RAV4 Commercial

One of the best things about the 2019 Toyota RAV4 is that it is very much a jack of all trades. It is extremely capable of getting off the road and into raw nature. But did you know that it is just as capable of exploring big cities? It’s true! With the 2019 Toyota RAV4, you and your favorite people can travel to cities near and far to explore the best restaurants like the group of friends are doing in the commercial below: Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver-colored Toyota Prius Prime

What’s So Awesome About the Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In System?

Toyota Prius Prime: Understanding the Plug-In System

Toyota vehicles have long been known for their efficiency and the brand’s Prius vehicle was one of the first hybrid vehicles to hit the market. Today, the beloved Prius comes available with a plug-in variation: the Prius Prime. Watch the video below to learn more about the Prius Prime model’s plug-in technology and find out how far you can go when it is fully charged! Read the rest of this entry >>